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Learn how to turn your debt into wealth with The Money Max Account

Cancel years of mortgage payments, save tens of thousands of dollars in interest, and turn your debt into wealth. United Financial Freedom’s Money Max Account is your roadmap to a debt-free life.

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Ever Wonder Why Banks Are In the Business of Lending Money? One word: Interest

Banks make a huge portion of their money by charging you interest on your loans. So, the lower your interest rate, the better. Right?

Well, yes, but that’s only half of the equation — unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

All Interest is NOT Created Equal

Ideally, you do want the lowest interest rate you can get. A lower rate helps make your principal monthly payments more manageable.

But what “they” don’t teach you is that the amount of interest you pay each month can make up a massive chunk of your total mortgage payment. We call this your interest volume.

Interest Rate vs. Interest Volume

Whereas your interest rate is fixed, interest volume changes over time.

The more money you owe the bank, the more your interest volume will be. Even with a rate as low as 2.99%, depending on how much you owe, up to 60% of your monthly payments could be dedicated to interest.

See What This Means For You

Debt Costs Far More Than Money

When you’re in debt, you can’t live life on your terms. Following the bank’s mortgage plan, you’re locked in for fifteen, twenty, even thirty years.

That’s time you’ll never get back. Time you could be spending on vacation with your loved ones. Time on your favorite hobby. Time building the life of your dreams.

Debt is like a dark cloud of financial pressure and stress that follows you wherever you go. This is especially true when you live paycheck to paycheck, which, as of 2020, 74% of Americans do.

And with every major purchase –– a new car, a medical procedure, college tuition –– the cloud only grows larger.

Unfortunately, most of us only know one way to solve this problem: make more money.

But Our System Makes Your Money Work for YOU

You can shave years off your mortgage and relieve that financial pressure without changing your budget in any significant way or needing to get a second or third job.

Here’s the best part…

It does more than just eliminate your debt in record time. While the system helps you pay off what you owe, it also shows you how to leverage your interest savings to build wealth and financial freedom.

What we’re about to show you can help you save up to 60%, 70% or more on your interest payments, keeping your money where it belongs: in your pocket.

Do you know the exact day, month, and year you’ll be debt-free? The fact is, most people don’t. But if you did, how would that affect your life? What would your debt-free life look like?

See, getting out of debt on your own is a lot like going on a road trip without GPS. You know your destination. But if you make a wrong turn, it’s hard to see how it affects your ETA.

You want to get rid of your debt as soon as possible. But between your mortgage, car loans, and student loans, it’s very difficult to tell when you’ll reach your destination. And all the little purchases you make along the way can have a big impact on your ‘travel time.’

The Money Max Account acts as your financial GPS, taking everything you owe and everything you earn into consideration and giving you the fastest route to paying off your debt and creating wealth for you and your family.

Online Education

The Money Max Account is an online, personal education and financial system

Easy Planning

The Money Max Account pulls all of your financial information into one central location, and uses advanced banking strategies to create the most effective, tailor fitted financial strategy to help you achieve your goals.

24/7 Service

The Money Max Account acts as your financial GPS, taking everything you owe and everything you earn into consideration and giving you the fastest route to paying off your debt and creating wealth for you and your family.

Gone are the days of wondering what the best route is to get ahead financially! Now, you simply decide where you want to go financially, and The Money Max™ Account guides you on the quickest, most effective path to get there.

Your Daily Choices Have Long Term Consequences

Think about the last time you went on a diet. Making wise nutrition choices was probably challenging, wasn’t it? But not because you didn’t know what you needed to do.

It’s most likely because you couldn’t see the consequences of eating that donut or slice of pizza right away. But what if every time you reached for an unhealthy snack, you saw a picture of how it would affect your body? Chances are, you’d probably think twice next time the waiter asked if you want dessert.

The Money Max dashboard does just that, only for your finances. You get an up-to-date visual representation of how every little purchase affects your long term financial health, motivating you to stay on track and achieve your financial goals in a fraction of the time.

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Reducing Your Expenses by Less than the Cost of Two Cups of Coffee a Day

Could Mean $57,600 In Your Pocket Instead of the Bank’s

By revealing the impact of a seemingly small change in your expenses –– something as little as $9 a day –– the Money Max Account could guide you to eliminate two full years off the time it would normally take to pay off your debts...AND save you approximately $15,000 in interest alone. That’s a LOT of money in your pocket that would have otherwise gone to the bank. But let’s take this a step further.

See What This Means In The Long Run

How It Works

Debt Elimination Overview

Eliminate your mortgage and all your debt in as little as 5-7 years, without changing your current budget!

Just One Wealth Building Example

Our debt elimination program can help to Convert your Debt to Wealth.

Think the Money Max™ Account Sounds Too Good to Be True?

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I think this company is awesome! Their customer service is awesome!


The program has literally saved us thousands of dollars, it's been a great, fantastic program.


It's been great for our family and I highly recommend it for anybody.


This program is phenomenal! Without it I would totally be lost! It's definitely worth it!

  • Started the program in 2010. Did not think like the program did but I trusted it anyway. It is very aggressive. My 30 year mortgage went away in 2016. I had discretionary income and married in 2017. I built a new home in 2018. The other home is still paying me dividends. Thanks United Financial Freedom!


  • At first I was really skeptical, but every time I get a mortgage statement I can just see the interest just melting away. This is just what I needed to get myself on track and moving in the right direction. I'm waiting to see what happens in the housing market and then I will buy another income property. Thank you guys!!!

    Nick Harrison

  • This is the best financial program on the market, hands down!! Please don't buy any other, this is the one! You won't be disappointed and it is truly remarkable and easy to use!!!


  • Been using this automated program for years. Let it do the work. Be self-disciplined enough to follow it, and creative enough to modify it, when needed. It didn't happen overnight, but I paid off retail debt first, then a vehicle, then, one of my houses. All significantly ahead of schedule. Presently working on shaving 20 years off a mortgage, to be "free and clear" in 2 years, on another house. The most "negative consequence?"... my credit score absolutely soared and I now enjoy and maintain an 800+ score, daily! Great tool.


  • At the time I was introduced to Uff, I was seriously looking for a debt solution and boy did I find it!! I cried ever month after paying my bills, not thinking I would ever get this mess paid off. $40,000 in Credit Card debt, but 10 months later, I was debt free!! After the first month of paying things differently, I actually laughed out loud with joy. I loved paying bills now, because I could see a solution at the end of the debt tunnel. I still carry a balance on a card or 2, but I know I can pay them off at any time. We just bought a new 2021 truck and the program says we can have it paid off in one year!! I will use this program for the rest of my life!!!


  • I love this program and have used it for years. It has helped me get out of debt and save. It makes it’s so easy to save for bulk or large payments that come up each year. It’s something I can’t do without now that I’ve had it.

    Dan & Janene

  • Because of this program, I was able to cut the term of my 30-year mortgage to 11 years without making much sacrifices. The program was clear and honest, their customer service was always courteous and helpful, and it was a joy to receive the bills in the mail because I knew I was making big steps to paying off my mortgage every month. I was skeptical at the beginning but once I started, it became so clear to me that it was the best financial decision of my life.


  • This program worked GREAT! I was able to pay off $60,000 in student loans in 13 months...all without having to work any extra working on my only debt house....would highly recommend this program. Don't let the initial cost of the program scare you off..TOTALLY worth it.


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