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Money Max Account Reviews Real Success Stories

Real Success stories of Money Max Users Eliminating Debt & Enjoying Debt-Free Lives

Nothing speaks louder than results. All the Money Max Account reviews you’re about to read are genuine testimonials from people who’ve followed the “financial GPS” system, many of whom have reached their destination: Their debt-free date!

By following the calculated suggestions that Money Max provides—using advanced algorithms that analyze users’ outstanding debts, income, and expenses—the reviewers below have eliminated tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. They’ve paid off their mortgages, their student loans and car payments, and most importantly, achieved financial independence.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

The following Money Max Account reviews include genuine feedback from real users taken straight from the source: Trustpilot, video testimonials, and more. No bias. Just life-changing results.

Trustpilot - 96% Approval Rating (4.8/5 Stars!)

Money Max™ Account Video Testimonials


I think this company is awesome! Their customer service is awesome!


The program has literally saved us thousands of dollars, it's been a great, fantastic program.


It's been great for our family and I highly recommend it for anybody.


This program is phenomenal! Without it I would totally be lost! It's definitely worth it!

Better Business Bureau | A + Rating

  1. Joan M
    5 Stars |

    “This program has helped us immensely! Absolutely life changing! It saved us $106,000 in interest and we will pay off our home in 6 years instead of 28 and that is without changing our budget or lifestyle. This program not only tells you HOW much to pay and WHAT bill to pay but WHEN to pay so that you can save the most money. I don't know about you, but I like the idea of beating the bank at their own game.”

  2. Paige T
    5 Stars |

    “I purchased the program and it was the best money I have ever spent! Is the program pricey? Hmm I don't know, it is going to save me $67,000 in interest payments, so I would say it's a darn good deal. Do you have to spend some time with the program, yep. I spend about 5 to 10 minutes about 4 days a week. I'd say that is worth $67,000. It has also made me very aware of where my money is going. I realized that I had some very high expenses that I could trim down, which I did. So in addition to the interest savings, it caused me to save over $200 a month in some expenses. This program works! You just have to put in that few minutes a day to make it work. I will be debt free in 7 years as opposed to the 20 I had thought I had left. What a great feeling!”

  3. Marilyn W
    5 Stars |

    “The Money Max Account from United Financial Freedom is WONDERFUL! I would have been 79 years old before I paid off my mortgage using the bank's process. Using the guaranteed money-back *** and it's suggested strategic transfers I was debt free in under one year and saved over $38,000.00 in interest! Was the reward worth the risk -- ABSOLUTELY! I now have the *** tool for the rest of my life to project future purchases and ensuring my least interest payments necessary.”

  4. Anthony L
    5 Stars |

    “I love the Program. It has helped me Organize my debts and my expenses and lets me see exactly where my money goes. It also lets us see how much interest we were paying to the financial institutions that we had no idea was going to them. Over $220,000 in interest. Now we have saved over $22,000 in interest in 8 months, with the opportunity to now save over $230 thousand in interest! On pace to be Debt free in under 6.5 years. It is a God Sent Program that lets us see how all of our money is being used and spent and shows us how we can save more and more! Thanks SO much!”

  5. Chris M
    5 Stars |

    “I've been a customer for over 2 years and the support I've received from the company has been really professional and courteous. The program is helping me and my family and I really think it was a good investment in our future. Keep up the good work.”

  6. TK T
    5 Stars |

    “This program has help me and my family pay off my debts in 5 years and 8 months when the analysis that was presented to me was 6.5 years. This consist of a total of over $790,000 of debts (1 mortgage, 2 car loans, 2 student loans, and 2 major credit cards) In the process we have saved over $225,000 in total interest payment savings! I have referred many others and will continue doing so the fact I own this program (Money Max Account) for life! Thank You UFF!

  7. Dale N
    5 Stars |

    “I'm retired, debt free and loving life because of this company. 14 years ago I was 50 and had 27 years left on my mortgage. My CPA told me about UFF and I started the program to accelerate my principal paydown. Literally 8 years later I was completely out of debt. That was at 58 and not 78 like the bank's plan. I also saved $87,000 in mortgage interest. Love them. It works because it's just math. Customer service was also awesome. Couldn't recommend them more highly! 10 stars!”

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